Blend Gently with Stainless Steel Double Cone Blenders

Even though a double cone blenders are industrial blending equipment, it is designed for a gentle yet extremely efficient blending action. Double Cone blenders are highly versatile and are commonly used for mixing granules and dry powders in a wide range of industries, including nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetics and other industries.

This type of stainless steel industrial blender has a cylindrical shell, as well as two conical frustums. They are designed with an opening for easy charging and discharging. For both efficiency and durability, all the contact parts of a double-cone blender are made from high quality grade of stainless steel, usually 304 or 316 as required.

Double cone blenders are quite unique as most industrial blenders like the v-blenders, paddle blenders, other tumbler blenders are used for aggressive blending. When you consider certain industries and products, you recognize the value that a high-quality double-cone blender provides. As an example, some manufacturing processes must rely on gentle blending action for specialty products like dry powdered chemical, explosives powder etc.

The pharmaceutical industry also relies on a double-cone blender since they also require gentle blending action for some of their manufacturing processes. Even the food industry has a huge need for this type of blenders for certain food production.

The action of an industrial blender is so critical to a company’s manufacturing process, that companies should always partner with experienced and reputed stainless steel process equipment manufacturer in North America.

Ability Fabricators offers years of industry experience and expertise specific to designing, engineering, fabrication and assembling the highest-quality of double-cone blenders on the North American market.

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