Double Cone Blender

A Double Cone Blender is an efficient industrial blending machine used in several industries such as Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Chemical and others.This type of Blender is perfect for blending granules and powder, ensuring uniform blending with no material accumulation.abilityfab-300x201
Double Cone Blenders are constructed from durable Stainless Steel with the option of 304 or 316 material grade Other customizable features  include  the addition of CIP Systems, Intensifier Bars , Valve Types and Liquid addition.The Blenders are available in tabletop to large scale productions units with a production capacity ranging from 2-100 ft³Choosing the right manufacturer of Double Cone Blenders for your company is directly related to the efficiency of your production processes, which is why Ability Fabricators works closely with clients in developing process equipment custom made to specific needs.With the support of an in house production facility, engineering team, quality control and project managers, Double Cone Blenders produced by Ability Fabricators are designed and manufactured solely in Canada  ensuring superior product quality.Ability Fabricators is an industry leader when it comes to cone blenders and other stainless steel industrial process equipment.