Difference Between IBC Tumbler Blenders and Ribbon Blenders

Every industrial blender used in the pharmaceutical processing or food processing is unique with different features. For instance, there are some key differences between a IBC tumbler blenders and ribbon blenders. For optimum results, it is essential that you identify the right industrial blender that would works best for your process.

IBC Tumble Blenderribbon blender

A Ribbon blender is mostly popular within the food manufacturing industry. This blender consists of a u-shaped trough and ribbon shaped blades. The blending process occurs as the ribbon-shaped blades move through the entire trough of material in an axial direction. Ribbon blenders are efficient in mixing different types of ingredients, it is designed for triple mixing motion for fast and high-quality blending. AFI Ribbon Blenders comes with several customizable options like CIP system, valve type, size 2 to 100 cubic feet, material type (304/316) and fishes. Other than the food industry these blenders also used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Bin/IBC tumbler blender are also highly efficient at mixing equipment for free-flowing solids and powders. Bin blending simplifies the production by eliminating the need for discharging product like with other traditional tumble blenders. Bin blending is the ideal choice for companies producing multiple products. With a IBC bin blender or a IBC tumbler blender, the product only comes in contact with the bin, providing benefits like total product containment and immediate product turnover.

AFI IBC Tumbler blenders comes with many customizable options like single or double pedestal construction, electric drive, full PLC based controls, safety gates, pneumatic bin clamp, automatic and manual loading, build material (304/316) and finishes.

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