Stainless Steel Conveyors for packaging and manufacturing industries.

Stainless Steel Conveyors, also referred to as stainless steel conveyor systems, have been an essential part of the packaging and manufacturing companies around the world. They are vital to the handling of shipments or packages. In addition to being used to transport small to large materials in Pharmaceutical, Chemical or Food& Beverage industries, conveyors are also used for other applications, such as loading and unloading bulk materials.

Conveyors manufactured by Ability Fabricators Inc. that are designed for pharmaceutical or food & beverage industries, are designed and engineered with sanitary requirements that maintains product integrity by eliminating cross-contamination.

Unique Capabilities

By using vertical stainless steel conveyors, a wide range of products can be moved with ease in a multi-directional patterns. Typically, many stainless steel conveyor systems have load transporting platforms, as well as drive chains.

A well designed conveyor system can improve production efficiency of any manufacturing or packaging plant.

Different industries have different requirements, this is why AFI Stainless Steel Conveyors are custom designed as required by clients and built to GMP standards.

Ability Fabricators conveyors have several other customizable features such as:

  • Finish
  • Material type 304 or 316
  • Belt or Screw
  • Roller

With extensive manufacturing experience and in-house designing & engineering and fabrication, Ability Fabricators offer full turn key solution for top of the line stainless steel conveyors systems in Canada.