Why choose a V Blender?

These stainless steel industrial blenders are ideal for blending a wide range of free flowing solids products, from pharmaceutical and food applications to cosmetics and fertilizers. V blenders are available in lab size to large scale production size units depending on the job requirement.

Ability Fabricators is one of the largest manufacturers of V Blenders in Canada, with the capability to offer full turn key solution from designing & engineering to installation.

Following are some of the primary reasons that a blender of this kind is so popular and widely used by companies in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food & Chemical industries around the world.

• In addition to reducing the size of particles, a V-blender has no moving blades as seen with other types of industrial blenders this is why it is perfect for delicate products.

• Without a shaft projection on a V blender, the risk of product contamination is completely eliminated.

• V blenders are very easy to charge and discharge with no material Accumulation.

• A V blender’s unique body shape helps to achieve a near complete discharge of product blended, compared to horizontal blenders.

Although there are tremendous benefits with using a V blender, there are a couple of things that one should consider. For instance, both installation and operation of a V blender needs more headroom than most other stainless steel industrial blenders. In addition, this blender is not an ideal option if particles of different densities need to be blended.

Keep in mind that the volume of the material affects the efficiency of blending. For this reason, it is recommended that only 60% of the total blender volume should be filled with product. Mixing efficiency is based on the speed of the operation. When a V blender runs at low speeds, shear forces are low, whereas with higher speed, greater shear forces are produced to fulfill the required process requirements.